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  • Story tech skype qik video messaging app

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    story tech skype qik video messaging app

    Skype on Tuesday launched a new app called Skype Qik that lets people send each other videos, a move the Microsoft division hopes will extend its.
    Skype Qik, Microsoft's attempt at spinning off video messaging into a Next Story And while the app shared its name with the mobile video startup Skype acquired back in the technologies were completely different.
    Skype Launches A New Video Messaging App For The Mobile-First Era, Skype Qik. Posted Oct 14 Next Story But while some of Qik's team worked on the new apps for Skype Qik, the technologies are entirely different.
    Apple's New Space Station Ready for Takeoff. Lead Web Developer Numerai at Numerai San Francisco, CA, United States. This isn't an issue for something video massage sensuel et erotique. WhatsApp, because there the revenue model is simply "get bought out by a big company with lots of money," but with Skype being a part of Microsoft, that doesn't seem to be an option. Qik lets you send short video messages to friends, family and other contacts in your address book. Full profile for Qik. The videos are limited in length, like Twitter's Vine, though they're seven times longer. Skype Qik: too many video messaging services? [HD] Download This Show

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