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  • Student massage training clinic

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    student massage training clinic

    Receive low cost massage in our massage school clinic. Student massages are supervised by licensed therapists.
    ​Holistic Massage Training Institute is committed to providing high quality education to our students, and to providing the best possible clinic experience to the.
    Benefit from a $30 Massage in one of our student clinics, located in Easthampton, Boston, and St. Paul. Our student clinic serves three purposes: The clinic. Understand why quality and safety are critical issues for both you and your clients. The student clinic is a platform where our student massage therapists perform their supervised clinical training as part of the requirement in their professional qualification. What was the clinical experience like at Sutherland-Chan? We love this win-win-win design of our school. Therapists are randomly assigned. Please respect this and refrain from tipping. student massage training clinic

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